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Statement of Mayor Joseph C. O’Brien On The Arlington Street Fire 

On behalf of our elected officials and the good people of the City of Worcester we would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of Firefighter Jon Davies. We would also like to wish Firefighter Brian Carroll, who was injured in the fire, a speedy recovery from his injuries.

Today is a sad day for the people of our community who regretfully know such tragedies all too well. This terrible loss reminds us of the dangerous and heroic nature of the work of Firefighting. We are deeply grateful to the men and women of the Worcester Fire Dept who put their lives on the line in order to protect our community.

As you know Firefighter Davies died while searching for a person who was reported to be trapped in the building. He, like all of our emergency personnel, responded to every call and risked his life to help any person in need without regard to that person’s station in life. At such moments Worcester really is a community, everybody counts and our emergency personnel really are our community heroes.

In the days going forward, as we have done in the past, we will come together to support the families of these firefighters. We ask that everyone keep these men and all of our firefighters and their families in their prayers and thoughts.


 Please Vote On Tuesday!


Tuesday, November 8th, the people of Worcester will go to the polls to elect a new Mayor, City Council and School Committee for our city.  As I like to remind everyone, elections matter and it is really important that everyone get out to vote! Please make sure you take time to vote and to encourage all your friends and family members to do the same. If you or anyone else does not know where they vote, they can go to the Where Do I Vote? (http://www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/myelectioninfo.php) or call the Worcester City Commission office at 508-799-1137.

I am also asking for your vote for City Council and to please encourage your friends and family members to support me as well. Together we have accomplished a lot these last two years, but we still have a lot of work to do to improve our schools, strengthen our neighborhoods and to create jobs. Please call, email or Facebook people tonight to encourage them to vote and to consider voting for me for City Council. You can direct them to my web site to learn more about my record at www.electjoeobrien.com.  If you know of anyone that needs a ride to the polls they can call 508-853-5627. If you have any questions, please call me on my cell phone at 508-335-8768. Thanks!



Storm Update - Monday

Dear Friends,

I hope people are weathering the storm. Today, many people have been calling to find out what is happening with efforts to restore power, so I wanted to share a quick update.  We had a storm briefing this afternoon with members of the press, utility officials, elected leaders and with our emergency management team.  As of 1:00 PM about a quarter of the city did not have power, but we are expecting a large number of homes to have it restored latter today. National Grid is working to re-start a number of power substations after checking to make sure that doing so will be safe and they are working to bring many of the areas of the city near these stations back on line. Unfortunately, some homes that have polls and wires in backyards that are damaged might not have power restored for several more days. I know this is difficult for many people. Please be assured that our City Manager, City Council and State Elected officials are working to make sure we have the needed resources to get power restored as soon as possible.

For power issues that are non-lifethreatening, please call National Grid 1-800-462-9852.  Emergency calls should be called into 911.  Calls for City response (snow clearing, downed trees and limbs without wires, etc.) should go to the Customer Service at (508) 929-1300. At this number you can also get information on shelters and warming centers that have been set up. The city has opened a Red Cross Shelter at Forest Grove School, 495 Grove Street. Citizens seeking shelter services should get there on their own. They should bring medications, blankets and pillows. Citizens that need shelter services, but have special circumstances, should contact the Worcester Police Non-Emergency number at 508-799-8606.

I want to thank our Police, Fire, DPW, EMS and Inspectional Service teams that are working around the clock to keep our community safe.  I also want to thank the utility crews from National Grid, Verizon and Charter who have been working diligently in tough conditions to restore service for our community. Finally, we want to remind people that Halloween has been re-scheduled for Thursday night.  Please be careful and take time to check in on elderly and disabled neighbors who might need assistance.  Thank you.

Storm Update - Sunday

I hope people are weathering the storm. Please look out for your neighbors. All calls for City response (snow clearing, downed trees and limbs without wires, etc.) should go to the Customer Service at (508) 929-1300. The city will open a Red Cross Shelter at Forest Grove School, 495 Grove Street, at 5:00 PM tonight. Citizens seeking shelter services should get there on their own and arrive at the shelter at or after 5:00 PM. They should bring medications, blankets and pillows. Citizens that need shelter services, but have special circumstances, should call the non-emergency number at the police department at 508-799-8606

Civic Academy Begins Second Semester

This fall we are running our second semester of the Mayors Civic Academy for 35 new community leaders. The goal of this effort is to build a more civic literate community. The fall program will run for six evenings in October and November and will feature sessions on how the court system works and on state and local government. The Civic Academy is a joint project between the Mayor’s office and the leadership of the Worcester County Courthouse. I want to thank Judge Agnes, City Clerk David Rushford and all the speakers who volunteer for this great program. To learn more, contact the Mayor’ office.

"Creating the Will: A Community Roadmap for Creating Educational Excellence for Latino Students".

In response to the growing community concerns about the achievement gap for Latino students in the Worcester public schools,last spring I created the Mayor’s Commission on Latino Education Excellence. This commission is composed of Latino community leaders, educators, parents, members of our higher education community, among other community stake holders. This week this group released their report and recomendtions which culminates 6 months of research, public hearing, and multi-sector deliberations on closing the achievement gap in Worcester conducted by the Mayoral Commission on Latino Education Excellence. Recommendations target what families, schools, government, private sector, and higher education can do to improve outcomes for our young people. Please click on the link below to see the report and please let us know what you think.  If you have questions or want more iinformation, please call the Mayors Office at 508-799-1153.

Click Here to Read the Full Report